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15/10/2011 - 14:45


Audio visual slideshows need not be daunting and can be fun.  Planning and organisation help.  Here are some tips:


  • When out photographing have an idea or story to tell.  Organise the photos into a folder.


  • Consider background music and sounds, if possible take a sound recorder with you else there are numerous websites offering soundbites.  Arrange your sounds into a folder.


  • Next decide on the software to use - Windows Live Movie Maker is free and easy to use, Iphoto for the mac or there are proprietry programmes such as Proshow Gold (PC) and Fotomagic (mac).


  • Consider the purpose of the audio visual and intended audience then have a go!  Remember that final rendering / compilation for HD /DVD can take from 20 minutes to several hours depending on format, PC/Mac specification and length of slideshow.


  • Ensure the show is paced correctly, too fast and transitions dont work well, too slow and the viewer gets bored.


  • Finally dont overdo the animations, pan / zoom etc - add variation but keep to a theme and try not to have a show longer than 5 minutes.