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Member Fact Sheet no. 1 - Plymstock Camera Club Competitions



A printable PDF version may be obtained by clicking here



Plymstock Camera Club competitions can be grouped into three types, Trophy, League and external.



1.  Trophy Competitions


Throughout the Plymstock Camera Club Programme there will be advance notice of each Trophy Competition including the entry date (usually two weeks before the event for externally judged).  The Trophy competition will include the subject name (e.g. Landscape) .The competition will further describe the format of the competition currently either Print or DPI (Digitally Projected Image). You can enter a maximum of 3 entries per competition subject but you must clearly mark the 3rd entry as this will only be used if the total images entered by all members is under 20.  If the image is not used, you can enter it into another competition instead.Members should familiarize themselves with the current competition rules on this website which are reviewed each year.  If anything is not clear please ask the Internal Competition Secretary for clarification.  You should note the stipulated mount size for prints in the rules which is currently (400mm x 500mm) and maximum size of DPIs (1200 pixels high x 1600 pixels wide).  Trophy entries each attract point scores (see Website for detailed rules) for entry and titling, and success down to 4th place.


NB A DPI in portrait format (or landscape) cannot exceed 1200 pixels high.




2.  League Competitions


Throughout the Programme (published on the website) there will be the 8 League Competitions.  Four for Prints and four for DPIs.  Each competition is designated by name such as PC1, PC2, PC3, PC4 or DPI1, DPI2, DPI3 and DPI4.  Each league competition has two sections.  Firstly a set subject (e.g. something ‘blue’) that is detailed on the Programme and secondly an ‘own choice’ (any subject) or another set subject.  Each section permits up to three entries from a member, but again as with the trophy competitions, the third entry will only be used if the total images entered from all members is less than 20.  League entries each individually attract point scores (see Website for detailed rules) for entry and titling and, success down to 4th place.  The member(s) with the highest cumulative scores win the respective Print League and DPI League trophies.  The member with the best combined total of all Trophy and League competitions wins the Photographer of the Year Trophy.




3.  External Competitions


In recent years Plymstock Camera Club have keenly entered both the Tamar Trophy (inter-club monochrome print trophy) and the Gerry Trophy (inter-club DPI trophy) with some success.  There has been interest among the members and committee to extend this to other external competitions and members are informed and requested to contribute to these as they occur.  Format and date requirements for external competitions will be made known in good time to allow all members to get involved.




Important General Information


Images entered at Plymstock Camera Club can be as old as you like but can only be entered a limited number of times.  The club rules as published on the website provide more detail on this.

All prints must be titled and should be mounted on card sufficiently stiff to stand upright on the club stands.  Prints must not have exposed sticky tape that may damage other members prints and must not have your name on them.

DPI entries cannot exceed maximum pixel dimensions as detailed in the club rules (see website or any committee member) and are only accepted (for IT security purposes) by emailing to  USB stick entries will only be accepted in exceptional circumstances.

When submitting print entries, you are required to email a DPI version of your print in .jpg format (no need to resize) to  These are to make these images available when choosing club entries for external competitions and for publicity purposes – the copyright of these will always remain with the author.