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12/08/2019 - 16:13

*** Please note this document should pertain only to the current or forthcoming season ***



The purpose of this definition document is to give members an idea of what might be expected for each league subject but it is not intended to be exhaustive. If you can execute a photograph in a different way that meets the definition please do so as this is what creativity is all about.



Print League Competition 1 – Minimalism

A simple image perhaps depicting a single subject within a largely plain background. A single flower or still life subject with perhaps a single or reduced colour palette. An image reduced to the essential with unnecessary elements removed or reduced.



DPI League Competition 1 – Old or New Technology

An image of any technology depicting or even contrasting either modern or old technology or both



Print League Competition 2 – Street Life

An image depicting any aspect of life in the street either here or abroad. Day or night but expected to have something alive human or animal in the image.



DPI League Competition 2 – Subject 1 – Water 

An image having water as the main or a strong subject within it.



DPI League Competition 2 - Subject 2 – Flowers

An image depicting one or more flowers as the main or a strong subject within it.



Print League Competition 3 – Leading Lines

An image using one or more ‘Leading Lines’ directing the eye to the main subject/s as a compositional element.



DPI League Competition 3 – Motion

An image depicting some element of movement or an impression of movement



Print League Competition 4 – Subject 1 - Bad Weather

An image depicting some aspect of bad weather, either before, during or in the aftermath of bad weather.


Print League Competition 4 - Subject 2 - Abandoned or Derelict

The images are likely to depict something (or someone) that has been deserted or forsaken and left without needed protection, support or care. The subject will be in poor condition as a result of disuse or neglect.



DPI League Competition 4 – At Night

An image taken after the sun has set and before it has risen. Scenes lit by moonlight, street lights, flashlights/torches or even star light. 



Own Choice (all)

A competition open to all subjects or photographic styles




Updated 7th September 2019