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Subject Definitions for Internal Club Trophy Competitions



Wildlife - Is an animal (land or aquatic), bird, insect, plant or fungi that is normally found in the wild.

Those that meet the above criteria but are contained within zoos/zoological gardens/sanctuaries,rare animal breeding programmes, aquarium's etc. are acceptable.  As are Dartmoor ponies, rescued animals/birds etc.

Ineligible are domestic animals such as dogs, cats and animals in farms.



Portrait - A portrait is a picture of a person(s) or animal(s) that says something about the subject(s) either by facial expressions, poses or the environment that the subject is pictured in or actively engaged in



Landscape/Seascape - A landscape is an outdoor picture which may show a large vista or smaller geological formations.  It includes seascapes, underwater views as well as scenes underground.  It may include animals or people but these should be a minor part of the image.



Monochrome - A monochrome image is an image comprised of one colour with different shades of that colour.  Normally black and white with shades of grey but may be any single colour eg sepia or blue.  A black and white image modified with partial toning or the addition of another colour is a colour image and not monochrome.



Creative - A creative image is any image where the photographer has altered reality  eg displaying a change in natural colour, form, shape etc.  It includes high speed imagery, painting with light, altering perspective or reality, colour manipulation, textures etc.  It is not an image of another artists work such as a sculpture or street art.  A creative image should demonstrate an idea going beyond a simple photograph.


Sport - Images taken at a sporting event or evoking a particular sport.  They could show the action, competitors, equipment, other participants stadia, or the audience reaction etc.  The subject should be considered in its widest context and not just Olympic or Professional Sports.


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