The Club Committee is defined by the constitution and consists of members appointed to the roles who meet regularly and organise, co-ordinate and plan activities / events on behalf of the members. Any member can request to be on the committee.
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Data Protection Policy

Plymstock Camera Clubs' Data Protection Policy This policy will be reviewed annually by the committee
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Competition Rules

For the league competitions, the number of evenings for prints and digitally projected images (DPI) will be published in the programme for the year...
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Subject Definitions for Internal Club Competitions

Current Subject Definitions for Internal Club Competitions
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Print Competition Entry Form

Print Form
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Useful Information

Photographers Rights, Police Stop and Search Rights under the Terrorism Act, Model Release Forms
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Audio Visual Image Shows

Audio visual image shows need not be daunting and can be fun...
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Producing a Digitally projected Image

This is a quick guide to producing a DPI for internal club competitions
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The Megapixel Dilemma

Image quality is partly determined by how many pixels you have in your print, so to achieve true photo quality you will need .....
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Established in 1971 the club initially met fortnightly. As membership grew the Constitution was established and is available here:-
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