Subject Definitions for Internal Club Comptitions

The purpose of this definition document is to give members an idea of what might be expected for each league subject but it is not intended to be exhaustive.
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Competition Rules

For the league competitions, the number of evenings for prints and digitally projected images (DPI) will be published in the programme for the year...
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Producing a Digitally projected Image

This is a quick guide to producing a DPI for internal club competitions
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Audio Visual Image Shows

Audio visual image shows need not be daunting and can be fun...
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The Megapixel Dilemma

Image quality is partly determined by how many pixels you have in your print, so to achieve true photo quality you will need .....
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Useful Information

Photographers Rights, Police Stop and Search Rights under the Terrorism Act, Model Release Forms
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Established in 1971 the club initially met fortnightly. As membership grew the Constitution was established and is available here:-
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The Club Committee is defined by the constitution and consists of members appointed to the roles who meet regularly and organise, co-ordinate and plan activities / events on behalf of the members. Any member can request to be on the committee.
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Data Protection Policy

Plymstock Camera Clubs' Data Protection Policy This policy will be reviewed annually by the committee
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Safeguarding Policy

The welfare of children and vulnerable adults is everyone’s responsibility, particularly when it comes to protecting them from abuse. Children and vulnerable adults have a lot to gain from clubs such as Plymstock Camera Club.
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