Speedster by Charlotte Douglas

Plymstock Camera Club is a friendly well established club with a thriving membership. The club always welcomes newcomers whether experienced photographers or complete beginners. 

We offer a broad range of improvement, how-to and practical evenings, internal and inter-club competitions, critique evenings, lectures and instruction by experienced photographers as well as inspirational speakers.  

As a club we seek to faciltate what the membership wants as well as educate and broaden everyones skills.

You would be welcome to come along as our guest to see if we are the club for you.


For the 2016-2017 season we will meet every Tuesday 7.45pm-10pm from September through to March at:


Plymstock United Church,

Plymstock Road,

Plymouth PL9 7PB.  


(Located 1/3 of the way between the Dean Cross traffic lights at Plymstock Broadway and the waterfront at Oreston).

Copyright for the images on this site are held and retained by the individual photographers.


Membership fees for next season Sept 2016 - March 2017 inclusive:  


Single 20

Couple 30

Student/Junior Reduced rate 12.50


On the evening all members and visitors 1.50 inclusive of draw ticket, tea & biscuit with an additional charge for visitors for selected speakers. 


New members are particularly welcome at the start of our season and throughout the year. 


*Members that join after Christmas will be charged half the membership fee.  



You will be able to attend the club on two occasions as a trial with a paid membership required on the third evening.




Latest News


Tonight Tuesday 28th February 



Tuesday 28th February is our Wildlife Print and DPI Trophy evening.  We are honoured to have had this judged by David Snowdon a freelance photographer based near Exeter who is travelling to us to offer us his wisdom and final verdict.  David offers professional studio facilities for hire as well as running an working organic farm.  A very busy person and we are pleased to welcome him to our club.  Wildlife is always a popular category within the club and the evening is sure to be entertaining.  As usual visitors or guests are welcome.



Members Please Take Note!



Print and DPI of the Year Trophy 2017

Tonight, Tuesday 28th February, we are collecting in entries for both the Print and DPI of the Year Trophy.  DPI's may be emailed to dpientry@gmail.com .



The Club is intending to order mounts soon.



The committee are to organise another bulk purchase of cut mounts and backboards.  A potential supplier has been sourced that supply these in both A4 and A3 apertures in Ice White, Soft White, Black, Ivory and textured Off White.  All are white core.  They can be supplied as just cut mounts in the following pack numbers 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 50 and 100. Ranging from 1.20 to 90p per mount depending on total quantity ordered of each option.  Similarly Mount sets (consisting of - cut mount, full size back board & bag) ranging from 2.25 to 1.50 (prices are per single mount set in 5 pack and per single mount set in 100 pack).  The minimum order from any one member therefore will be 5 mounts of a single aperture and colour unless two or more members get together to agree a split.


As usual we will start the new season with a mounting demonstration in the first few weeks to refresh or train new members.  Several mounting methods will be shown including hinging which can make a mount re-usable and possibly the cutting of a mount with a stanley knife and steel rule (for steady handed and skilled only!).


Please consider how many and what colour you require an email will go out to all members with the available options.




Prospective New Members 2017


Plymstock Camera Club are thrilled to see new members join us at any time in the season.  We pride ourselves as a welcoming and friendly club so please do come.  Please also note that the membership fee is only half for the second half of the season so an absolute bargain!  However you may wish to come along as membership is not required until the third visit.  Perhaps you are considering changing clubs or joining for the first time?  Perhaps visit to see if we suit you?




Lined Up by Ron Eaton








For prospective new members the maximum mount and print size is 500mm x 400mm.  Prints are required to be mounted as our stands do not otherwise support them.  We encourage all members to use 500mm x 400mm mounts as standard however the image can be any size within that.


nb  New members can be shown the various mounting methods if requested as we encourage the printing and mounting of images. 


The PRINT evenings are always popular so why not come along if you are a prospective new member to see our work?




Do you fancy seeing how you might improve or get your images in front of an appreciative audience then please consider joining our club?  We always welcome new members.  


New members are especially welcome at any point in the season however why not take that step now at the start of our 2016-2017 season?  We would all be very pleased to see you.


The latest available Programme will always be available at the top of this page and can be downloaded.  This may be updated as anything changes so please check back regularly.  Paid-up members receive a printed programme.






Whilst the club does not endorse any particular processing labs a number of members and visitors have had good service from DSCL - DS Color Labs and below is a link to their website.  This is particularly useful to those that are unable or unwilling to print at home.

DSCL - DS Color labs Please click here