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Club Competition Rules


Submitted images must be the work of the submitting photographer and be produced by a recognised photographic technique which can include digital editing in products such as Lightroom, Photoshop,. Skylum Luminar, Affinity, etc.


Images may be any age; however, the Committee encourages members to submit new work, not seen before in the club.


Entries should be handed in by the dates and methods determined in the published programme, be suitably titled and displayed anonymously until after judging and/or voting is completed.


For all competitions, each club member may enter up to three images per subject according to the programme.   Where there is a high entry in an externally judged competition (over 30), members' third images may be withdrawn to assist the Judge. You are therefore asked to consider carefully the order in which you put entries on the form


An image may only be entered into internal competitions a maximum of three times (regardless of format) and the same image cannot be entered in two competitions taking place on the same night.


An image is considered the same image whether in PDI or Print format or if it is retitled.


A monochrome variation of a colour image (or vice versa) is considered to be a different image.


Only images that have been previously entered during the current season may be entered in the Print of the Year or PDI of the Year.  Images must remain in the original format submitted, however minor improvements are permissible.


Competition entries that do not meet the rules may be omitted from the competition at the discretion of any two members of the Committee, usually the Competition Secretary and one other. 


Results of competitions, images entered in club competitions, or those representing the club in external competitions may be published on the club website and may also be used by the club to promote the club and attract new members.  Copyright will remain with the original photographer.


Prints must be mounted on a stiff back board.  The size of the mount must be 500mm x 400mm, however the image can be any size within this.


Prints must be handed in together with an entry form and titled on the back. Deadlines are published on the club’s annual programme and only extended at the discretion of the Internal Competitions Secretary.


A digital image following the same sizing and naming protocols as PDI entries should be send at the same time as the print entry is sent.


All judging will be made on the print version of the image but the PDI may be used to assist in the judge’s presentation and/or on the website.


Commercial processing is acceptable in all competitions.


Images should not exceed the maximum width of 1600 pixels and maximum height of 1200 pixels. 


Images must be submitted as JPEG files and will be projected in the sRBG colour space.


To assist in the presentation process, the file names must have the structure entry number 01, 02 or 03 followed by a space and then the title only, e.g. 01 Evening Sunset.jpg or 02 Garden Flower.jpg. 


Images must be submitted by email to by the deadline in the published programme.


League and Trophy competitions that do not have an external judge booked are judged by paid up members present on the evening.  Members vote using voting forms which are issued on the night. They should place the images they consider to be the best in rank order for each subject. They are asked to give the number of their own entries, for which they are not allowed to vote. Members who have entered images must vote if they are present.


From the voting slips or the judge’s decision, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, Highly Commended and Commended are determined for each subject and these are awarded 8, 6, 4, 2, 1 and 1 point respectively.  Additionally, where there is an external judge, further Highly Commended or Commended awards may be made; these entries will attract one extra point.  One point will also be awarded for each image ‘entered and correctly titled’.  


During the season, certificates will be awarded to images that are placed or receive Highly Commended or Commended positions.


At the end of each year, trophies will be awarded to the members earning the most points in the respective league competitions.  The Print and DPI competitions are totalled separately so that there will be an overall 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th in each.   Trophies will be awarded to members gaining 1st place in the Trophy competitions.


At the end of the season, a trophy will be awarded to the Photographer of the Year and the Runner Up.  The winners will be determined by competitive competition performance in both leagues and all trophies.  All competitions results and cumulative League positions are available on request.

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