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Competition Themes

Abstract, Natural or Geometric Shapes
Images in this competition should rely on the shapes, textures and colours contained in them. This is not to say the winning image cannot be monochrome. It may be possible to identify the subject of the photograph (although not necessarily) but at the same time it is likely to be graphic in form and rely on the shapes contained,
This is not just limited to the big sky Landscapes and Sunsets which are of course completely acceptable but members are asked to consider the title in a much wider context. Cloud of dust, smoke, steam, mist and fog could be considered as could coloured clouds of ink in water. The subject could be darkened (clouded) or partly obscured in the image or just be a dark spot as on a horse’s face. Should the nature lovers be feeling left out then there is always the clouded leopard or clouded yellow butterfly, as for a cloud of locusts the mind boggles
A creative image is any image where the photographer has altered reality, e.g. displaying a change in natural colour, form, shape, etc. It includes high speed imagery, painting with light, altering perspective or reality, colour manipulation, textures, etc. It is not an image of other artists’ work such as a sculpture or street art. A creative image should demonstrate an idea going beyond a simple photograph.
Form and Function
Form refers to the shape and size of an object and the function is the use it is put to. The term is often used in the sciences particularly when describing biological adaptation eg. A giraffe’s long neck to reach high branches for feeding. It is also considered as quintessential in good and successful design of an object. The function dictating the form of an object or device. Images in this competition should generally highlight both what is being done and the device or way that is being achieved.
Human or Built Street Scenes
This competition embraces anything and everything that can be seen in the street. From candid street photographs to formal architectural building images and everything in between. We could expect Street Art and architectural details of doors and gateways and windows, alleyways and markets.
Instruments, Tools or Mechanical Detail
The title is designed to be inclusive and must be broadly interpreted. It could include musical, drawing or surgical instruments, hand or machine tools, in use or as still life subjects. Even details of engines, vehicles, etc. would fit the brief
Landscape / Seascape
A landscape is an outdoor picture which may show a large vista or smaller geological formations. It includes seascapes, underwater views, as well as scenes underground. It may include animals or people but these should be a minor part of the image.
Leaves and Foliage
Images should rely on the leaves and foliage of plants or trees. The challenge is to look beyond the flowers and concentrate of the structure and forms found in the plant kingdom. Flowers, fruits and seed heads should not be major parts of, or the subject of the image. The plants can be wild or in cultivation, single or en mass, large or small but the impact of the image should depend on leaves. Mushrooms and fungi are not permitted and please no argument over bracts.
A monochrome image is an image comprised of one colour and shades of one colour. Normally, black and white with shades of grey but may be of a single colour, e.g. sepia or blue. A black and white image modified with partial toning or the addition of another colour is a colour image and not monochrome.
Own Choice
An open competition in which images of any photographic genre may be entered.
PDI of the Year
Open to any image entered this season as a Projected Digital Image in either the league or trophy competition.
A portrait is a picture of a person(s) or animal(s) that says something about the subject(s) either by facial expressions, poses or the environment that the subject is pictured in.
Print of the Year
Open to any image entered this season as a print in either the league or trophy competition.
Images taken at a sporting event or evoking a particular sport. They could show the action, competitors, equipment, other participants, stadia, or the audience reaction, etc. The subject should be considered in its widest context and not just Olympic or professional sports.
An animal (land or aquatic), bird, insect, plant or fungi that is normally found in the wild. Those that meet the above criteria but are contained within zoos/zoological gardens, sanctuaries, rare animal breeding programmes, aquariums, etc are acceptable, as are Dartmoor ponies, rescued animals, birds, etc. Ineligible are domestic animals such as dogs, cats and animals in farms.
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