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Old Hulk by Tony Westlake





































Every Dog Needs a Small Boy  bMatt Curtin
































Copyright for the images on this site are held and retained by the individual photographers.




Plymstock Camera Club is a friendly well established club with a thriving membership. The club always welcomes newcomers whether experienced photographers or complete beginners. 

We offer a broad range of improvement, how-to and practical evenings, internal and inter-club competitions, critique evenings, lectures and instruction by experienced photographers as well as inspirational speakers.  

As a club we seek to faciltate what the membership wants as well as educate and broaden everyones skills.

You would be welcome to to join us to see if we are the club for you.


We are meeting fortnightly on Tuesdays at Plymstock United Church, Plymstock Road,

Plymstock, Plymouth PL9 7PB. Doors open at 7:30pm for a 7:45pm start.




Current Membership fee to August 2022 inclusive is:

Single 70 for the complete season or 40 until December 31st 2021 then a further 40 until end of the season. 


New members are particularly welcome at the start of our season and throughout the year.  So whether you've been thinking about it sometime or you have a new interest in photography, please come and visit our club.  We pride ourselves on being the friendliest club in the region and you will be most welcome.  


We are a growing club, with a programme that is strongly influenced by the members and we are sure you would enjoy any evenings with us. 


Why not come along and enjoy many fantastic images and photographic discussions.  Last season 688 images were entered by members into our competitions with a mixture of both print and digitally projected images (DPI) covering every subject and genre imaginable.


We look forward to seeing you. 





Little Owl with Cricket by Lesley Carr























Latest News



Some very interesting articles in the PAGB news letter. Did you know they now have an online advisory panel if you want to take part in their awards programme? Another excellent article about the hot topic of remote shooting in "where do we draw the line." I've linked it below but members can subscribe to get the eNews direct. Big thank you to Ann Owens for sharing. 






Our very own Tony Westlake's image "Old Hulk" has done so well at the WCPF members exhibition it has been retained and sent up to the PAGB as part of the National Exhibition! Well done Tony, from all of the members of PCC and fingers crossed for even more good news!



A massive thank you to Anna Stevenson, our excellent judge last night. Well done to all the members that entered there were some beautiful prints on display. Results as follows:

Monochrome Print Trophy


1st           Old Hulk                              Tony Westlake

2nd          Pelican                                Matt Curtin

3rd           Fenced In                           Paul Van Kleef

4th           Loch Torrindon                  Tony Westlake

HC          Light or Dark Side              Alan Rees

HC          Scottish Wildcat                 Tony Kemp

HC          Walking to Work                 Paul Van Kleef


Portrait Print Trophy


1st           Every Dog Needs a Small Boy        Matt Curtin

2nd          Melting Away                                    Paul Van Kleef

3rd           No Title                                              Paul Van Kleef

4th           Pearls                                                Chris Hooper-Bennett

HC          Girl with Melon                                  Alan Rees


Another closely fought inter club competition with some stunning images on display. It was a very close battle for 1st place but in the end Plymouth CC won the trophy by 2 points!  Our results were as follows

Aggressive Golden Jackal                             Lesley Carr                      18 points

Blueprint                                                         Heather Compon             16 points

Bustling Malaysian market                             Alan Rees                        19 points

What does it take to be a champion              Jamie Parr                        20 points

Duck chasing Great White Egret                   Tony Westlake                   19 points

Hope Cove                                                     Matt Curtin                        17 points

Riding the Wave                                             David Collins                     16 points

St Michael's Mount at Dawn                           Lesley Carr                       19 points

Step into Exmoor                                            Phil Mitchel                       18 points

The Retrieve                                                   Tony Kemp                        18 points






Thank you to Chaz for judging. It was so good to be back together as a club. Results for the Landscape and wildlife trophies below.



1st Loch Leven Tony Westlake

2nd St Michael's Mount at Dawn Lesley Carr

3rd Burrator Stream Phil Mitchel

4th Powderham Castle Folly Matt Curtin

HC Riding the Wave Lesley Carr

C The Jetty Chris Hooper Bennett

C Abandoned Hulk Tony Westlake


1st Locking Horns Matt Curtin

2nd Hummingbird Hawk-Moth Tony Kemp

3rd The Stag Matt Curtin

4th Aggressive Golden Jackal Lesley Carr

HC You Caught Me Staring, but I Caught You Staring Back Jamie Parr

C White Beaked Dolphins Lesley Carr

C Red Deer - New Forest Tony Kemp




Brilliant night last night, Big thank you to Kay for judging our first trophy competition. Results as follows
1st In the Peloton Phil Mitchell
2nd Just Balancing Phil Mitchell
3rd In the flow Lesley Carr
4th Sailing Black Goose Heather Compton
HC Tacking Chris Edgecombe
C Tee Off Chris Hooper-Bennett
C Plymouth Rowing Club Matt Curtin
1st Self Portrait Alan Rees
2nd Night Passage Heather Compton
3rd The Migration of the Origami Bird David Collins
4th Too Much Packaging Matt Curtin
HC Flower Bulb Matt Curtin
C The Tulip Creation Roger Woodward
C Astrantia Heather Compton

September 21st  Tracy Lund photography

Wildlife photography part 1

Showcasing a selection of images from Japan,Finland,Greece,Iceland, camargue, captive and UK as well as some stories/experiences I encountered along the way.

<"Photographing Wildlife is an adventure but most of all a privilege."

"I haven't been everywhere but it's on my list"







The new programme for 2021/2022 has now been updated and available for download



The new season is nearly upon us and we have now published the new programme. For the remainder of 2021 we will continue on Zoom and our first get together is booked for the 14th. We have some exciting photo challenges lined up including:A book title, sport,creative.in the west country,domestic animals/pets, close up and of course own choice. So get planning! Look forward to seeing you soon.