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Print and DPI of the Year results


Final Competition of the season. Thank you Pedro for judging results as follows:


Print of the Year


1st           Walking on Water                           Sue Bishop

2nd          Guilllemot                                         Heather Compton

3rd           Submerged by the tide                 Sue Bishop

4th           Murphy                                                Heather Compton

HC         Blue Horizon                                    Sue Bishop

HC         Willow Warbler                                Tony Kemp

C             Captain Corruthers                       Tony Westlake

C             Common Blue                                  Tony Kemp



DPI of the Year


1st           European Bison                                               Lesley Carr

2nd          Wanton Abandon                                           Alison Robb

3rd           Autumn Flames                                              David Collins

4th           Niamh Dartmoor Double exposure        Alison Robb

HC         Bow Fiddle Roack                                         Tony Westlake

HC         Night Heron in flight                                      Tony Kemp

C             Sleepy old dog                                                 Bruce Robinson

C             European Storks                                              Tony Kemp

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