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DPI Four Results



1st       Snowy Woods                                Matt Curtin

2nd       An Icy Twist                                     David Collins

3rd       Heavy Snowfall                             Matt Curtin

4th       Alstroemeria in Ice                      Roger Woodward

HC      Frosty Teasel                                  Chris Hooper Bennett

C         Snow at Foggintor                        Ali Robb


Own Choice 

1st      The Stare                                                     Matt Curtin

2nd    Tulips in Vase                                             Roger Woodward

3rd       It was on the Bridge at Midnight         Colin Burley

4th       Danger on the shore                                David Collins

HC      Fairground Attraction                             Michael Morgan

C         Moving House                                            Chris Hooper Bennett

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Results from the Landscape Print and Wildlife DPI Trophy competitions

Landscape Print Trophy 1st           Wembury Church                                        Matt Curtin 2nd          Tranquil                                                       Paul Van Kleef 3rd   

Creative and Own Choice Results

Thank you Kay for doing such an excellent job of judging. Results as follows: Creative 1st.         A Rose by Any Other Name                         Heather Compton 2nd          Niamh Dartmoor Double


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