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Exciting opportunity!

On Tuesday the 14th November, we are excited to announce an exclusive opportunity for our photography club to participate in a food photography session for Friary Mill Bakery. This event offers a chance for one of our members to be selected to create a full suite of food photography images across the product range for Friary Mill in 2024

Jamie will bring along some sample products and we would love to see how you capture these………. Products will consist of varying cakes/savouries.

We are looking for product images that:

· Highlight texture, colour, and details of the baked goods.

· Contain a mix of individual product shots, close-ups highlighting textures, and wider shots capturing the variety.

· Use of lighting and angles to emphasize product appeal.

Please feel free to bring some props with you on the evening of the 14th November which you feel may add to your images. Examples could be……

Chopping board


Icing powder

Kitchen utensils

Lemon/Orange/glazed cherries etc (either whole or zest……)

Any other lighting other than provided by Jamie and other members.

Basically anything which helps enhance the product on display!

Please submit your best photographs (2 or 3 per entrant) in high-resolution JPEG format to within 7 days.

Friary Mill Bakery will choose the best entry based on composition, creativity, and overall presentation. The winning entry will be informed within 4 weeks.

This is a fantastic opportunity for all members to try something different and get creative. A big thank you to Jamie for organising such a fun practical evening.

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