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First Trophies of the Season

Well our first Trophy competition was a real success. Big thank to our judge, Andrew Knight for offering excellent feedback in such a constructive way. Results are as follows: Portrait Print Trophy

1st Alison Robb Monochrome Portrait 2nd Matt Curtin The Pose 3rd Tony Westlake Captain Carruthers 4th Tony Kemp Marjorie HC Tony Westlake Colette HC Matt Curtin Sergeant Steve C Roger Woodward Sophie C Alan Rees Paul C Alison Robb Niamh Close Up

Monochrome Print Trophy

1st Tony Kemp Brown Hare 2nd Sue Bishop Walking On Water 3rd Bruce Robinson Mersey Skyline 4th Matt Curtin Evolution HC Sue Bishop Lighting up Time HC Heather Compton Breakwater light C Matt Curtin Drizzlecombe Stone Row C Bruce Robinson Running on Air C Sue Bishop Flamingo

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Print and DPI of the Year results

Final Competition of the season. Thank you Pedro for judging results as follows: Print of the Year 1st           Walking on Water                           Sue Bishop 2nd          Guilllemot         

Results from the Landscape Print and Wildlife DPI Trophy competitions

Landscape Print Trophy 1st           Wembury Church                                        Matt Curtin 2nd          Tranquil                                                       Paul Van Kleef 3rd   


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