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Wildlife and Landscape results

Thanks to Lorraine for doing such an excellent job of judging our trophy competitions. Results as follows:


1ST European Hare Tony Kemp

2nd Nuthatch Tony Westlake

3rd Guillemot Heather Compton

4th Connected Insects Alan Rees

HC Dragonfly Tony Westlake

C Stonechat – Female Tony Kemp

C Tricoloured Heron Alan Rees

C Willow Warbler Tony Kemp


1ST Golitha Falls Matt Curtin

2nd Frosty Buckland Michael Morgan

3rd Mount Cook Beckons Bruce Robinson

4th Ditsworthy Warren Matt Curtin

HC Underneath the Arches David Collins

C Kyparissia Bay Alan Rees

C Bow Fiddle Rock Tony Westlake

C Come in No 1 Mick Booth

C Sunrise at Southwold Sue Bishop

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Print and DPI of the Year results

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